Figma Zero Suit Samus – Review


Admittedly, I was pretty excited for this figure when it was announced. Samus’ other suit that appears in Metroid: Other M has been given the Figma treatment, and now it’s time for the Zero Suit to have a turn. Zero Suit Samus has been a fan favourite for quite a while now and to finally have a decent representation of the character (that’s not a statue) is a good thing indeed. Does she live up to the hype though… Let’s find out shall we?

Zero Suit Samus
Gun in hand.

First Impressions:

Samus’ Zero Suit consists of a full-body, skin-tight suit with different shades of metallic blue. There are some details and features that define the suit, and the only thing that stands out is the holster on her right leg. For such a small scale, Samus’ face is pretty well sculpted and her expressions are fairly subdued compared to what other figmas have. It’s a pretty good representation of the character.

Stand back, citizen!
I said stand back!


Samus’ Gear

Bundled in with Samus, you also get the usual array of interchangeable hands. Left and right closed fists, splayed hands, and weapon/handle holding hands. Also included is a gun-holding hand, a “thumbs up” right hand, and a slightly curved left hand that looks like it’s only been included to hold on to the helmet that comes with the package. She comes with 2 faces – serious/neutral and a smiling face, and she also comes with a second head that has short hair to represent her younger self, whereas she usually wears her hair long and in a pony-tail.

Back Shot











The handgun that’s included doesn’t fit into the holster on her leg, instead you get a dummy grip that plugs into the holster. The helmet (that once belonged to her commanding officer, Adam) is a bit of an odd accessory to me. It’s just kind of “there”. It would have been nice if there was a hole for a Figma joint to be applied to the helmet so it looks like it’s being worn (by Samus or even another figure). A little Metroid accessory would have been excellent, but instead we get an empty helmet. Also, as standard, you get the articulated display stand, a spare wrist joint, a small folded sheet of instructions, and a snap-lock bag to store everything in.

What do you think? Is it me?

I do like Samus’ short hair though. It gives me a Deunan Knute (from the Appleseed series) vibe.

E-Swat’s Covert Ops

Come on Max Factory, where are our Deunan and Briareos figures?!


Due the skin-tight and minimalist nature of the suit, she has quite a bit of movement on display here. The pony-tail has a ball joint and is able to wiggle around a bit. Her neck is able to rotate fully, but only has a slight tilt left and right. She can look down okay but can’t look up fully due to her hair sculpt. Her shoulders move fairly freely and in a new twist, are able to be pulled out slightly to allow for more movement. Elbows can bend beyond 90 degrees and there’s a good range of movement in the wrists. Her upper torso can rotate and tilt to a good degree but there’s no articulation at the waist, most likely to maintain her overall shape.

Bring it!
Target acquired.

Her hips have a decent range of movement but it can be limited due to the sculpt. Much like the shoulders, the hips can be pulled down a bit to give a little more movement to the hips, but then it sort of creates a disjointed effect to her hip area. Her knees can bend past 90 degrees and her ankles can rotate and tilt up and down fairly well but not a lot of left and right tilt, so posing can be tricky. Her joints are sturdy enough for her to hold some dynamic poses, but with only 2 faces you may have to use your imagination in some cases.


The Skin-Tight Squad welcomes a new member

Zero Suit Samus has turned out to be quite a solid figure in its own right, with the only letdown being a noticeable lack (or questionable inclusion?) of some accessories. In saying that though, having such a minimalist design to the character means that you can add your own accessories and create some pretty interesting scenarios. Even more fun if you also have her Varia Suit. Fans will no doubt enjoy Zero Suit Samus but casual collectors may be inclined to give her a pass.

Zero Suit Samus can be found at the links above along with other figures in the Figma range.