Transformers Titans Return Triggerhappy – Review


Titans Return Triggerhappy

Triggerhappy first appeared back in the G1 days in the “Targetmaster” range (circa 1987) with his Targetmaster partner Blowpipe. I’ve heard some pretty good things about Transformers Titans Return Triggerhappy and now that I finally have him in hand I can honestly say that he lives up to the hype. It’s not very often that I come across a figure that I just can’t help but pick up and play with.

First Impressions:

Triggerhappy still retains much of his G1 design cues and while in typical Titans Return fashion, has a more detailed/updated look. His colour scheme is mostly blue and light-grey with some silver accents here and there. He also retains the metallic gold that features on the thrusters. His new fighter mode is quite comparable to his original fighter mode. He still has those forward-swept wings and the long double-barreled blasters, only now he’s more streamlined and sleek. His new fighter mode wouldn’t be out of place in an old-school arcade shoot-em-up game.

In flight
Classic colours with a modern twist
Ready for takeoff

His new robot mode is also reminiscent of his G1 days. I like how the long blasters fold up in pretty much the same way as in the original. One major difference however, is that instead of the fighter’s canopy taking up the whole front side of his chest/torso area, it now splits so that he has half the canopy making up his chest area while the other half hangs off his back like a hood. I’m definitely liking the articulation upgrade. It gives him that “action figure that just happens to be a transformer” vibe.


Triggerhappy’s gear

Blowpipe changes his role from Targetmaster weapon to Titanmaster (or Headmaster) here as he transforms from robot to Triggerhappy’s head. Blowpipe’s robot mode can also act as a pilot in Triggerhappy’s fighter mode.

My name is Blowpipe and I’ll be your Captain for this flight

There’s not a lot in the way of accessories here, and in this case I wouldn’t necessarily call it a bad thing (I think he has enough guns to go around). Triggerhappy comes with two additional blasters that he can hold in each hand or in the ports under his fighter wings or mounted on his shoulders. The handheld blasters can also combine to form a vehicle/weapons platform for Blowpipe to ride on. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere for the combined blasters to attach to fighter or robot mode which is a bit odd.

2 guns… not bad…
Now we’re getting somewhere
That’s more like it!


Triggerhappy’s head borrows the ball-joint in Blowpipe’s neck which allows for full rotation, but only a slight tilt left/right and forward/back. There are double swivels in the shoulders that offer a decent range of movement but some angles are hindered by the thrusters that stick out from the top of his shoulders. Unfortunately, he’s unable to swing his arms outwards when they’re in the forward position which can make some poses quite frustrating.  There are bicep swivels but their range is limited as long as the blasters are folded up. The wings can often get in the way when trying to move his forearms outward.  His elbows have a hinge and he can only bend them just past 90 degrees. Disappointingly, there is no swivel in the wrists.

I can shoot AND punch (but I’d much rather shoot)

Given the nature of the joint and its purpose in the transformation, they could have easily applied some sort of ball-joint to that area, or even some sort of double swivel arrangement. They’ve gone to all the trouble of upgrading/updating the articulation from the original release only to skimp out on a wrist swivel. It seems like a minor thing, but it’s something that can mean the difference between “pretty good” and “perfect”, much like the slightly disappointing shoulder movement.


There’s not so much of a waist swivel, it’s more like a hip swivel (due to the transformation). The hips have a fairly good range of movement. The ball joints move freely and they feel like they’ll be able to hold some dynamic poses. His knees can bend to about 135 degrees (due to the transformation), and there’s a hinge in the ankles that allows the toes and heels to fold up but that’s it really. The base of the feet are cut on an angle to allow for wide stances.


As with all the Titanmasters, Blowpipe’s articulation is pretty limited. He has small ball-joints in his neck and shoulders which allow for some movement and hinges in his hips and knees. His legs are one piece from the knees down, so all he can do is sit (or fold up into a head).


Triggerhappy and Blowpipe make for an excellent team. I’ve been really impressed with the fighter and robot modes and it seems like I’m finding out little things each time I pick him up and fiddle around a bit. I’m also hearing about all the interesting things that others are doing with their Triggerhappys like finding new modes or even doing custom paint jobs. I myself have stumbled upon a few modes within a short time of having him. He’s certainly proven himself to be a whole lot of fun for a Deluxe size Transformer.

375mL Drink can for scale

Triggerhappy and Blowpipe can be found at the links below along with other Transformers in the Titans Return range.


Wings slightly folded
Wings folded down make for an alternate landing mode
“Chicken” mode
“Gerwalk” mode
“Armed Gerwalk” mode
“Fully Armed Gerwalk” mode
And here we have the Triggerhappy bird, perched high above the surrounding terrain.