Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime – Review

With Transformers Titans Return hitting the shelves in a big way, it’s time for me to review one of the more recent additions to my collection. It’s time to review (deep breath) Transformers Titans Return Autobot Apex and Powermaster Optimus Prime (whew!). Like a lot of the new Transformers in the Titans Return range, Optimus here comes to us in the form of a triple-changer, much like his G1 counterpart (Powermaster Optimus Prime). Apart from his usual truck and robot modes, he also has a “city” mode in which Optimus can turn into a mini city/base of sorts, ala Metroplex or Fortress Maximus only on a much (much!) smaller scale. Does the extra mode bring anything worthwhile to the table? Let’s see shall we?

Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime

First Impressions:

Looking at Optimus through the packaging window, we can see that he follows the current trend of retaining most of his original style while becoming a lot more detailed. The red and blue colours with the silver accents are typical Optimus, but the flat light-grey that makes up most of the trailer now becomes incorporated into his robot mode.

Box front
Box back

In fact, this particular figure is a re-tooling of Transformers Legends Ultra Magnus. The way that the guns are mounted at the front of the trailer is a carry-over from his G1 days, also the way in which his trailer becomes part of his robot mode is reminiscent of Ultra Magnus. The panels definitely add a bit of bulk to his lower legs. With all the new bells and whistles that the new designs bring, you can certainly tell at a glance that this is Optimus.

Optimus Prime, upgraded.

He has his usual (but updated) face that acts as a “mask” that slips over the Titan Master head and funnily enough, Apex’s head mode resembles Orion Pax. It is Orion Pax that eventually becomes Optimus Prime so that makes this particular figure a real trip down memory lane.

Orion Pax


As with all the Titans Return transformers with detachable heads, would you consider the Titan Master head an accessory even though it’s an essential piece of the figure? You can still swap the heads around with other figures, but at the end of the day you still need a head for your bot.

Titan Master Apex

It’s not like a weapon or similar accessory that you can completely leave off if you want. Apart from the head figure, Optimus comes with 2 double barrelled guns that can each hold a ‘Master and 2 other guns that he can hold in his hands. His hands seem to be designed to only hold his hand guns. They can open and close, but don’t seem able to maintain a solid grip on other weapons. Still, the 4 guns are a lot more than what some figures are getting (looking at you, Galvatron).

Optimus doesn’t need weapons to kick ass.


With the mask on, his head can only turn left and right. There’s no tilt in any direction, but at least he has a full mask and not just a “faceplate” (looking at you again, Galvatron). The mask can be pulled back to reveal Apex, but he looks disproportionately small compared to the rest of the body.

Slightly disproportionate…

There’s a swivel and hinge at the shoulders which gives a good range of motion, and the swivel has a slight ratchet to it that helps with posing. At the elbows there’s a hinge and a swivel at the biceps. His wrists have no movement but his hands can open and close to hold his hand guns. It’s possible that they could hold other items/accessories but they might not be able to maintain a solid grip.

His hips offer a good range of movement and have a solid ratchet to them. He has a thigh swivel and a hinge at the knees. The knees also have a solid ratchet, and like the elbows, can only bend to about 90 degrees. There’s a hinge at the ankles so the feet can tilt forward and back, but sadly there’s no sort of ankle rocker so the feet can’t tilt left and right. Instead, his feet are cut on an angle in a poor attempt to offer some stability. It works when his legs are together (as close as they can get anyway) but apart from that it can be difficult to position his feet nicely when posing. His bulky lower legs can be a bit of a hindrance at times. It could be tricky trying to get him into some of the more dynamic poses.

Ground punch, because why not, that’s why!


The truck mode is still typically Optimus only this time the trailer doesn’t detach. His guns can be mounted in various locations over the trailer, and it can open at the back. It’s possible to carry another smaller vehicle inside (like Titans Return Blurr for example 😉 ).

Blurr inside

I don’t know if it’s a quality control or design issue, but the door at the rear of the trailer doesn’t quite tab together properly. Everything else comes together nicely apart from the rear door.

City/base mode is a bit of a pleasant surprise. Not having any experience with the G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime, I didn’t really know what to expect with this mode, but it’s actually turned out to be a lot of fun.

Base mode – tiny but mighty.

The Titans Return range now comes with lots of little Transformer figures and additional Titan Masters that can interact with all the new base modes that are being released. You don’t need to shell out the big bucks to get the larger city/base transformers like Metroplex or Fortress Maximus (awesome as they are) when you can get a few Voyager class figures together and create your own bases.

Alternate base mode.
Titans Return Galvatron laying down the siege.


You can transport a Blurr
Or an Arcee
Or even a Jazz.
ComeonOptimusIcanwalkfasterthanthis. Let’sgolet’sgolet’sgo!

Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime (and Apex) is a welcome addition to my Transformers ranks. Apart from a few niggling issues, he has an excellent robot and truck mode. The city/base mode has been a pleasant surprise for me, not having experienced the G1 version. There are a few Titans Return figures out there that have an extra city/base mode and one that has an extra galactic battleship mode, so it’s possible to play out some epic battle scenarios with just a few figures. There are also smaller Titans Return figures and additional Titan Masters that you can get that are fairly inexpensive, so you can really fill out your ranks.
Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime can be found at the links below along with other figures in the Transformers Titans Return range.


What happened to all your guns, Galvatron?
Quality over quantity, Prime. Quality over quantity.