Figma Leonmitchelli Galette de Rois – Review


Now it’s time for me to review something that I’ve been meaning to get on the table for some time. This time around we have Figma Leonmitchelli Galette de Rois as she appears in the anime series Dog Days.  The name “Galette de Rois” is actually the name of a French cake, and in the land of Flonyard there are a lot of people and places that share names with desserts and pastries.  After a while of hearing about the territory of Galette doing battle against the republic of Biscotti, you can’t but help but get a little bit hungry.  😛

Leonmitchelli Galette de Rois

The recent revival of Ninja Warrior to our TV screens reminded me of Dog Days and how the battles between different nations are fought. In the world of Dog Days, battles between the different animal nations are played out in a giant obstacle/assault course. The show’s main character Shinku gets summoned to the land of Flonyard because of his athletic abilities and his prowess with Ninja Warrior-style obstacle courses.  Due to the whole sports-like nature of these battles, no one ever gets seriously hurt or killed (downed opponents simply “pop” and turn into “beast balls”), and both warring factions display excellent sportsmanship towards each other, with both nations’ field medics offering aid to whoever needs it.

The whole event also features live commentaries from guests from both sides. Both nations pit their strongest armies and warriors in this competition, but it is the Lord and General of the Galette Lion Territory Army, Leonmitchelli, that is the most feared opponent on the battlefield.

Just as dangerous without weapons

First Impressions:

Leonmitchelli is decked out in her usual battle attire consisting of a blue top and short shorts under a hard plastic skirt. Her hair is long with a light blue colour and her characteristic cat ears feature prominently. She also features her armoured forearms and knee high boots, and also wears a large dark grey cape with a light blue lining.

Do your part for the glory of the Galette Lion Territory!

The cape is also made of hard plastic, but at least it has two figma joints in it so it’s somewhat poseable. The colour scheme consists of mostly blue and dark grey, with the armoured parts painted with a metallic finish. As usual the figma joints move smoothly and seem capable of holding a pose without too much trouble.

You must tell me, who is your stylist?

Funnily enough, she shares a few design cues with Subaru Nakajima from the Magical Lyrical Nanoha: StrikerS series, specifically the jacket, skirt and tank-top/shorts combination.

The Style Sisters – ready for battle!
The greatest warrior in the Galette Lion Territory – not so good on skates…


Leonmitchelli comes with an assortment of additional hands. They consist of left and right closed fists, left and right splayed hands and left and right weapon/item holding hands.

Leonmitchelli’s gear

Normally there would be left and right neutral/flat hands but not this time around. Instead there is an extra right hand for holding weapons, only this one is in a fixed position. Probably due to the fact that the great axe – Granvale– can be a little bit heavy and the joints in the other hands can be a bit on the loose side. Her only face options are her confident/smiling expression and her angry/shouting battle expression.

The National Treasure of the Galette Lion Territory: The Great Axe – Granvale

Also included is her standard battle axe and an effect part to represent her magical Emblem Art power. I think that a clear plastic and a lighter paint would have worked better for this effect instead of the translucent plastic. As it is, it kind of looks like a little blob that just attaches to her wrist. A poseable figma stand is also included and a snap-lock bag to store all of her accessories in.

Emblem Arts, Level One – Activated!


Her standard battle axe can be just as powerful

She moves quite well, but loses some movement around the hips due to the nature of the hard plastic in her skirt. It is possible to get a little more movement by hiking her skirt up slightly since it’s not fixed in place. Even though the cape is somewhat poseable, it is also removable due to a clear plastic pin/plug that runs through the cape and into her back. Luckily this pin/plug is easily concealed behind her hair.

This clear plastic part holds the cape in place
Luckily it’s easily concealed

Her head can only rotate slightly, but it can tilt left and right okay. She can tilt her head down to a decent degree, but can’t tilt up very far – if at all – due to her long hair and the nature of the sculpt. Her hair is also jointed to allow for some poseability.  Her arms can’t raise very high but they can rotate fairly well and her elbows can bend to about 90 degrees. The joints in the wrists offer a pretty good range of movement, but the joint that attaches the hand to the wrist peg can be quite loose and won’t be able to handle a lot of weight. There is a weapon holding hand that is in a fixed position that will help in posing with the heavy Granvale axe.

Come get some!

The hard plastic skirt really hinders articulation around the hips. With it on, she can hardly move her legs. It takes a fair amount of force, (please exercise caution if you intend to do this!) but the skirt can be removed once you separate her body at the chest.

Room to move

She becomes much more poseable below the waist once you remove the skirt. There is a decent range of motion at the hips and the knees can bend to around 90 degrees. The ankles can tilt and rotate fairly well to offer you some stability for the more dynamic poses.

The ankle joints allow for some nice balancing


I quite like Figma Leonmitchelli, she’s one of my favourites in my collection. She’s not without her flaws, but I like the overall result.  I had actually bought her Figma before I even saw the Dog Days anime, since I thought she looked like an interesting/cool character. The anime itself is a lot of fun to watch too, as a light-hearted adventure series.  Besides, what’s not to love about a cute cat-girl warrior with a giant f*ckoff axe?

Figma Leonmitchelli Galette de Rois can be found at the links below along with other figures in the Figma range.

“You know you’re not a real cat, right?”

“What do you mean, ‘not a real cat’?”
“You take that back!”
“En Garde!”
An opening!
A swift attack!
“Now who’s not a real cat?”
“Time to get serious.”
“And I mean ‘serious’.”
“Wait wait! I’m not ready!”
A crushing blow!
“Impressive that you’re still standing after a direct hit. but you know…”
“…this is what happens when my opponents get defeated.”
“Why didn’t you tell me this beforehand?!”