Figma Racing Miku 2013 – Review


We’re back in figma territory again with everyone’s favourite Vocaloid pop sensation, Hatsune Miku.  While Miku has been given the figma treatment on many different occasions, here we’ll be looking at Racing Miku 2013: EV Mirai version.  The Racing Miku versions are mascots of the Goodsmile Racing Team and are generally presented as “Grid Girls” or “Race Queens”, but in this case, we’ve got a Miku that’s more of an actual racer (of sorts) rather than gratuitous eye candy (even though she’s still cute).

The Hatsune Miku GT Project is a motorsport project with the concept, “a racing team run by fans”. First launched in 2008 by Goodsmile Racing, the project has been participating in the Super GT GT300 class series, the greatest motorsport race in Japan. Its trademark is a machine with a Hatsune Miku Racing Version design. Not only is it wildly popular with an eye-catching vehicle design, it has also won many races including taking the series championship three times in 2011, 2014, and 2017 respectively. It is now one of the most prominent teams in the Super GT series and one of the best teams of the race both in name and in reality.

The biggest distinctive feature of the project is that it works on a Personal Sponsor System which enables each fan to directly support the team. Every year, the team races with the support of Personal Sponsors from all over the world. A major factor that attracts many fans is the unique ways of interactions between the team and its fans which are considered one-of-a-kind in the industry. These include having the team members themselves share the race atmosphere to fans online, live streams and broadcasts before the races, and inviting fans to official celebration parties and end-of-year parties.

The Racing Miku versions have been around since 2011 when the Goodsmile Racing Team celebrated their first win with the release of the figma Racing Miku 2011: First Win version. Since then, there has been a Racing Miku figure released every year.


This particular Miku differs from most offerings, in that she’s sporting a Goodsmile motorcycle racing suit instead of her usual “girly” attire. The racing suit is mostly white, with black sections and grey details, and is presented in a way that it appears to be pulled down and tied around her waist.  She’s also wearing a silver crop top with “EV MIRAI” (Mirai being the manufacturer of Electric Vehicles) written across the front. Her trademark twin-tails are translucent at the tips and are each moulded as one solid piece.

Ready to race!

As per usual, the figma joints offer a smooth movement and hold their position well. Due to the form-fitting nature of her racing suit, there’s very little to obstruct her range of motion.  Also, since the racing suit is one piece, there’s no option to remove the “rolled down” top half to try and tidy things up a bit.


Miku’s gear.

There’s not a whole lot here in terms of accessories. Apart from the usual hand options (fist, item-holding, open/splayed), there’s a helmet, an extra “tied sleeves” piece, a drink bottle holding hand, and a hand designed to hold on to her helmet when she’s not “wearing” it.

Hey guys! Check me out! (Just don’t ask where all that hair went…)

The helmet itself is just molded in one piece and the colours and design match with her racing suit (naturally), and it even has little cat-like ears on the top.  It’s a bit unfortunate that the visor doesn’t open and close though, that would have been really cool. She also comes with two facial expressions – a neutral/smiling face and a happy cheering face. Also included is the customary figma stand and a snap-lock bag to store all the accessories in.

I’m sure that bike’s around here somewhere…

However, there is one notable accessory (sold separately of course 😉 ), and that is the EV Mirai racing bike. This particular bike is modelled after the Mirai electric motorcycle company’s entry into the Isle of Man TT Zero Challenge in 2013. The bike itself was (naturally) decked out in Miku decals and designs since the bike was made for the Goodsmile Racing team.


If you have any sort of Racing Mikus in you collection, then it’s probably an accessory worth getting.  It makes for an excellent back-drop, or stand in its own right.  Then again, there are plenty of other figures, figma or otherwise, that could use a funky racing bike. The front wheel spins freely and the handlebars can turn the front wheel left and right. The rear wheel does turn, but not as freely as the front and the suspension has been fixed into place, so this bike is mostly for display purposes. This isn’t such a bad thing as it does scale well with most figmas. Also included, is a stand that can fit one of the bike wheels in to keep it upright, and 2 sets of interchangeable foot-peg pieces that are different sizes to accommodate different size figures.



Miku’s head is connected to her torso with a figma joint that allows her head to tilt forward and back to a fair degree, as well as to the left and right. It also allows for full rotation at the neck.  Her twin-tails are also somewhat poseable but her starry hair ties and the sculpt of her hair can hinder some angles.

These knuckle guards aren’t just for show.

Her shoulders can raise up pretty far, due to there being not a lot of clothing to get in the way, and they can also rotate fully. This shoulder joint also provides full bicep rotation too. The elbow joints also give full rotation, and allow the arms to extend fully and close to about 45 degrees.


There’s a ball joint in her upper torso that gives full rotation, as well as a decent tilt backwards and forwards, and left right.  While the hips don’t fully rotate, there is still a pretty good tilt in all directions too.  The “folded down” part of her racing suit hinders movement around the hip joints, but the softer plastic in that area helps a bit.  She can’t quite do the splits in any direction, but at least she’s able to get into a proper riding position for her racing bike.


Her knee joints allow her legs to fully extend and close to about 45 degrees, and the ankles can only manage a slight tilt backwards and forwards as well as left and right. As a result, it can be tricky to get her feet planted properly for some of the more dynamic poses.


I’m quite happy with Racing Miku 2013.  I like how she’s presented as an actual racer and not just some Grid Girl as she has been in previous outings.  It’s also worth noting that with this particular racing suit, you can have all sorts of fun putting Miku into all sorts of figma-sized vehicles (if you’re unlucky enough not to have the EV Mirai racing bike, that is).

9 out of 10 Figmas recommend Goodsmile Energy Drink!

Figma Racing Miku 2013 EV Mirai Version can be found at the links below along with other figures in the Figma range.

I’m pretty excited for my first ever Tabletop Race!
That looks pretty fast… I’m pretty sure that’s at least racing spec…
…And Saber’s ride looks fast enough too…
Wha… this thing’s only got one wheel!

Figma Attack on Titan Figures – Review

Once again we’re back in the figma stable with a few figures based on characters from the Attack on Titan (A.K.A. Shingeki no Kyoujin) series. The series itself has become pretty popular and since starting out as a manga, has become the basis for an anime series (3 seasons worth now), some video/computer games (with varying degrees of quality), and has even received the live-action treatment in the form of a movie.

The series also now has copious amounts of merchandise, which brings us to our review. Since the figures themselves share a lot in common, from a design point of view, I will be reviewing the Eren, Mikasa, and Levi figmas since I happen to have them at hand.  Unfortunately, the Armin figma was an exclusive figure and as such I haven’t acquired it yet.

‘The manga is set in a world where humanity lives in cities surrounded by enormous walls protecting the humans from gigantic humanoids that are referred to as titans. The titans vary in height and endlessly eat humans seemingly without reason. The story initially centers on Eren Yeager and his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, who join the military to fight the titans after their hometown is invaded and a titan eats Eren’s mother, whom he swears to avenge. As the story progresses and the truths about the titans are slowly revealed to the reader, the narrative shifts to encompass Historia Reiss, squad leader Levi, Eren’s father Grisha, and other supporting characters.’


Survey Corps, salute!

Once again, figma brings its usual standard of quality and polish to the table. The figures themselves are pretty good representations of each character and each comes with pretty much the same accessories, with the main difference between the figures is the interchangeable faces that they each have.




Each figure is wearing the standard military style outfit featured in the show with slight variations between them. Eren is pretty much the default setting whereas Mikasa and Levi each have their scarf and cravat respectively.

The Eren and Mikasa figures make for a standard male and female recruit, while the Levi figure differs slightly in the clothing department, as well as being slighty shorter in size. It would be pretty easy to get a squad together using the Eren and Mikasa figures as a base, and doing simple head swaps with other figmas or even with other approximately 1:12 scale figures with compatible heads.

Mikasa contemplates a future career as a Wolkenritter Knight

What’s with the new girl?

Fist bump!


Each figure also comes with their own 3D maneuver gear and swords. The sword blades can be removed from the ‘control grips’, but they can’t be sheathed with the rest of the spare blades in the side holsters. It’s also annoying/disappointing that the grips can’t connect to the ends of the “sheathed” blades for a “holstered” look.  The maneuver gear, although somewhat moveable, sometimes hinders articulation and balance in some aspects.

While Eren doesn’t reallly come with any separate stand-out accessories, Mikasa comes with her customary scarf which can be removed, but makes her neck look weird. Luckily a spare collar piece is included in the package to fill in the space that the scarf leaves.

The 3D maneuver gear comes with effect parts to simulate the “gas trail” that occurs when the wearer uses the compressed gas for extra propulsion, and straight “cables” to show the anchor lines being fired from the gear. The gas jet effect also has a port so that it can be attached to the included figma stand for dynamic flight poses.

All figures come with a hooded cape with the Survey Corps emblem on it, but it only comes in a fixed “flowing” state. It would have been nice to have one that was in a more neutral state as well.

They each come with their usual assortment of interchangeable hands, a selection of different faces, the articulated display stand, and a snap-lock bag to store accessories in.  It’s interesting to note that Levi comes with a set of hands to show his unconventional “reverse” sword grip.

Also included in the package are some string lines with clear plastic hooks on the end.  This allows you to show your figures attached to, or suspended from, whatever you can hook on to.

Whadda ya mean I have to put all the gear away?!

Each figure come with 3 faces in total.  Eren has a neutral/serious face, a shouting face and a “shocked/startled” expression.  Mikasa has a neutral/plain face, a serious face, and an angry “I’m going to kill you!” face. Levi has his neutral/bored face, a serious “looking down at you” face, and he also comes with an angry “I’m going to kill you!” face.

Mikasa’s war face

Levi frowns upon your shenanigans

Eren realises it’s Mikasa’s birthday and he hasn’t gotten her a gift


In typical figma fashion, the joints offer a very smooth movement, and are sturdy enough to hold most poses. Having the 3D gear equipped can hinder some movement in the legs, but at least it can be moved around a bit if necessary. The range of movement is pretty similar between the male and female figures, so you can expect the same poseability from either body type with only minor differences.

For Eren, the joint in the neck gives full rotation but only minimal left and right tilt. His head can tilt forward a bit but can’t tilt back very far, if at all due to his hair getting in the way. Mikasa’s head on the other hand, has a slightly better range of movement. It still has the full rotation but has a better tilt left and right as well as forwards and back. The scarf tends to get in the way of the forward tilt, unless you take it off and replace it with the collar piece.

The shoulders are very similar between figures and have a decent range of movement. The arms can rotate all the way around and can be raised up at the sides to about 90 degrees. Their jackets are made of a soft plastic that helps with articulation and also helps to maintain their overall shape which is a nice touch. The joint at the shoulder also allows the bicep area to swivel all the way around.

At the elbows, the joints there allow them to bend past 90 degrees and the joints at the wrist allow for full rotation as well as a decent tilt. It’s pretty easy to get the hands where you want them, and the joints are sturdy enough to hold the swords in any way you want due to the swords being quite light.


The joint in the upper torso gives full rotation, but to me the range of tilt seems a bit limited. It’s not really a deal-breaker but it is something to take into account now and then. There is something of a waist joint, but it’s sort of hidden just below the belt and underneath the “skirt” area. Just like the jacket, the skirt is made of a soft plastic so it won’t get in the way of some of the more dynamic poses. The hips have a very good range of movement and the soft plastic is there again to help articulation and to maintain the shape.
The knees can bend to around 135 degrees and the joints in the ankles allow for a very good range of movement. There’s also a hinge joint in the toe area for good measure. The combination of the different joints in the legs allows the figures to be quite stable in some pretty dynamic poses.



The Attack on Titan figures by figma have been a welcome addition to my collection. It’s possible to find these guys for decent prices nowadays, and if you’re not adverse to having knock-off figmas in your collection, you can have a pretty decent squad put together for cheap (if you have other compatible figures to headswap with that is). I like that even though the blade holsters/gas canisters appear to be quite bulky and awkward, they’re actually pretty light and don’t really hinder balancing as much as I thought they would when posing. Fans of the series should definitely consider picking these figures up as they’re excellent representations of their characters and they’re fun figures to have on your desk for the odd “pick up and play” session.  And they’re even more fun if you can find something or somewhere to hang them from.

375mL drink can for scale

The Attack on Titan figmas can be found at the links below along with other figures in the figma range.


Listen up recruits! A new type of titan has been identified.

A new type?! We can barely manage the ones we already have!

What the…

Reinforcements will take too long to get here! We’re on our own!

Your orders, Captain?


Figma Drossel – Review


Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel – whew!

Now here’s a Disney “Princess” you may not have heard of. Coming up next is Drossel von Flügel (or if you’d prefer – Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel) by Figma. Drossel appears in the CGI animated series Fireball, produced by Disney in Japan. The Fireball series is about Drossel and her (quite large) robot companion/butler Gedächtnis making idle conversation in the midst of a war with humanity.

Princess? Yes. Pushover? Never.

Gedächtnis is Drossel’s servant and guardian, having sworn to her late father to protect her. Drossel treats him very much after the manner of the ‘spoiled princess’ stereotype (no doubt to further the comedic aspect of the show, but also in-synch with her appearance and the stylised postures she assumes).

Pew pew!

A running gag in the series is that, at the beginning, Gedächtnis waits for Drossel to arrive and is called by a name Drossel chooses seemingly at random (although some, such as Sancho Panza and Rasputin, infer an unambiguously subservient status upon him). Gedächtnis then attempts (in a gentle, butler-like fashion) to remind Drossel of his name, upon which she abruptly tells him not to interrupt. The episodes are usually nonsensical in nature, normally showing just the two characters , but a third character, a monkey-robot named Schadenfreude, joins them later.

I can’t see a thing with the blast shields down!

Fireball’s episodes are quite short at around 2 minutes each, give or take, and it’s possible to get through the whole series in about half an hour. There’s also a follow-up series called Fireball Charming which, although comes after the original Fireball, is actually a prequel to the story. Although the show is comical and light-hearted in nature, there is a certain air of mystery about the events happening outside Drossel’s home.

This particular style is guaranteed to add lift.

Very little is said about what’s going on outside, and it’s often left up to the viewer to “fill in the blanks”.  Even though Fireball Charming was made after the original Fireball, It’s clear to see which series has benefited from the advancements in CGI technology.  Sort of like comparing the original Star Wars trilogy with the prequel trilogy.


I don’t know… is it me?

Being a robot, first impressions are that she definitely has that mechanical feel while also appearing distinctly feminine. Her facial features are pretty much limited to her two large light blue eyes (that have a pearlescent shine to them).

Find your inner balance.

There’s not much else going on with her head except for her two large twin-tails that reach down to her knees. Her colour scheme is predominantly black and white and even her accessories maintain the motif. Thin black lines break up the mostly white overall colour. As usual, the Figma joints are sturdy and move well which really helps with poseability.


Drossel’s Gear

Throughout the show, Drossel acquires some enhancements in the way of different headpieces and it’s good to see them replicated here. She has an assortment of interchangeable hands (left and right fists, open hands, splayed hands, item holding hands, and pointing fingers) and a large book, Prospero, that she and Gedächtnis refer to from time to time through the course of the show. Her enhancement pieces are the flight unit Obruchev, and a special headpiece that enables her to perform martial arts style moves. She calls it Karate, but her moves are actually more based on Capoeira.

Capoeira style!

Gedächtnis never got the full figure treatment. Instead there was a papercraft version that came with the original DVD release as well as a little PVC Schadenfreude figure to go with it. Both of these scale with Drossel so if you can find them (and have the time/patience for papercraft), then they might be worth looking into. Also included is the usual articulated display stand, instructions on how to attach and remove her accessories, and a snap lock bag to store everything in.

Karate style!


Ready for takeoff.

For such a mechanically styled figure, she moves quite well. Her head can rotate fully and has a decent left and right tilt. She can tilt her head down a bit, but can’t tilt back very much, if at all. The twin-tails can also move around to a fair degree. The ball joints at the shoulders allow her arms to rotate fully and they can raise up fairly well. The elbows can bend beyond 90 degrees which is nice and her upper arms can rotate at the shoulders. Her forearms can rotate at the elbows and the joint at the wrists can allow the hands to swivel as well as turn in or out.

I said, ready for takeoff!

There’s a ball joint in the waist area that allows for full rotation as well as a fairly decent tilt in all directions. The joints in the hips offer a decent range of movement, although it may be slightly hindered by the hip piece. Her knees can bend to about 135 degrees and the joints in the ankles, although also hindered, are able to move around enough to provide support for most standing poses. It’s not too difficult to get her into some really dynamic poses, but if it’s one thing that Drossel does well, it’s sass.

Stupid thing! Last time I let Gedächtnis order online!


Drossel von Flugel by Figma makes for a worthy addition to any toy collection. She has a unique style and although her face is expressionless, it is quite possible to convey her moods through the different poses she’s able to do. She has the right amount of accessories and is poseable enough to pull off all of her signature poses that she does throughout the series. If you can find the original DVD release that has the papercraft Gedächtnis and the little Schadenfreude figure, then that’s also worth looking into.  Even though Fireball first aired in 2008 (and Fireball Charming in 2011), it’s still possible to find a Figma Drossel for a decent price.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the Fireball Charming version which can see some crazy after-market prices.

Figma Drossel can be found at the links below along with other figures in the Figma range.

So… you’re me in the future…

…then who’s that?

I dunno…. alternate timeline?

But check this out!

Tadaa~~ It was me, Hatsune Miku all along!

Luckily Scarlet keeps a camera handy for emergencies like these.

Figma Leonmitchelli Galette de Rois – Review


Now it’s time for me to review something that I’ve been meaning to get on the table for some time. This time around we have Figma Leonmitchelli Galette de Rois as she appears in the anime series Dog Days.  The name “Galette de Rois” is actually the name of a French cake, and in the land of Flonyard there are a lot of people and places that share names with desserts and pastries.  After a while of hearing about the territory of Galette doing battle against the republic of Biscotti, you can’t but help but get a little bit hungry.  😛

Leonmitchelli Galette de Rois

The recent revival of Ninja Warrior to our TV screens reminded me of Dog Days and how the battles between different nations are fought. In the world of Dog Days, battles between the different animal nations are played out in a giant obstacle/assault course. The show’s main character Shinku gets summoned to the land of Flonyard because of his athletic abilities and his prowess with Ninja Warrior-style obstacle courses.  Due to the whole sports-like nature of these battles, no one ever gets seriously hurt or killed (downed opponents simply “pop” and turn into “beast balls”), and both warring factions display excellent sportsmanship towards each other, with both nations’ field medics offering aid to whoever needs it.

The whole event also features live commentaries from guests from both sides. Both nations pit their strongest armies and warriors in this competition, but it is the Lord and General of the Galette Lion Territory Army, Leonmitchelli, that is the most feared opponent on the battlefield.

Just as dangerous without weapons

First Impressions:

Leonmitchelli is decked out in her usual battle attire consisting of a blue top and short shorts under a hard plastic skirt. Her hair is long with a light blue colour and her characteristic cat ears feature prominently. She also features her armoured forearms and knee high boots, and also wears a large dark grey cape with a light blue lining.

Do your part for the glory of the Galette Lion Territory!

The cape is also made of hard plastic, but at least it has two figma joints in it so it’s somewhat poseable. The colour scheme consists of mostly blue and dark grey, with the armoured parts painted with a metallic finish. As usual the figma joints move smoothly and seem capable of holding a pose without too much trouble.

You must tell me, who is your stylist?

Funnily enough, she shares a few design cues with Subaru Nakajima from the Magical Lyrical Nanoha: StrikerS series, specifically the jacket, skirt and tank-top/shorts combination.

The Style Sisters – ready for battle!

The greatest warrior in the Galette Lion Territory – not so good on skates…


Leonmitchelli comes with an assortment of additional hands. They consist of left and right closed fists, left and right splayed hands and left and right weapon/item holding hands.

Leonmitchelli’s gear

Normally there would be left and right neutral/flat hands but not this time around. Instead there is an extra right hand for holding weapons, only this one is in a fixed position. Probably due to the fact that the great axe – Granvale– can be a little bit heavy and the joints in the other hands can be a bit on the loose side. Her only face options are her confident/smiling expression and her angry/shouting battle expression.

The National Treasure of the Galette Lion Territory: The Great Axe – Granvale

Also included is her standard battle axe and an effect part to represent her magical Emblem Art power. I think that a clear plastic and a lighter paint would have worked better for this effect instead of the translucent plastic. As it is, it kind of looks like a little blob that just attaches to her wrist. A poseable figma stand is also included and a snap-lock bag to store all of her accessories in.

Emblem Arts, Level One – Activated!


Her standard battle axe can be just as powerful

She moves quite well, but loses some movement around the hips due to the nature of the hard plastic in her skirt. It is possible to get a little more movement by hiking her skirt up slightly since it’s not fixed in place. Even though the cape is somewhat poseable, it is also removable due to a clear plastic pin/plug that runs through the cape and into her back. Luckily this pin/plug is easily concealed behind her hair.

This clear plastic part holds the cape in place

Luckily it’s easily concealed

Her head can only rotate slightly, but it can tilt left and right okay. She can tilt her head down to a decent degree, but can’t tilt up very far – if at all – due to her long hair and the nature of the sculpt. Her hair is also jointed to allow for some poseability.  Her arms can’t raise very high but they can rotate fairly well and her elbows can bend to about 90 degrees. The joints in the wrists offer a pretty good range of movement, but the joint that attaches the hand to the wrist peg can be quite loose and won’t be able to handle a lot of weight. There is a weapon holding hand that is in a fixed position that will help in posing with the heavy Granvale axe.

Come get some!

The hard plastic skirt really hinders articulation around the hips. With it on, she can hardly move her legs. It takes a fair amount of force, (please exercise caution if you intend to do this!) but the skirt can be removed once you separate her body at the chest.

Room to move

She becomes much more poseable below the waist once you remove the skirt. There is a decent range of motion at the hips and the knees can bend to around 90 degrees. The ankles can tilt and rotate fairly well to offer you some stability for the more dynamic poses.

The ankle joints allow for some nice balancing


I quite like Figma Leonmitchelli, she’s one of my favourites in my collection. She’s not without her flaws, but I like the overall result.  I had actually bought her Figma before I even saw the Dog Days anime, since I thought she looked like an interesting/cool character. The anime itself is a lot of fun to watch too, as a light-hearted adventure series.  Besides, what’s not to love about a cute cat-girl warrior with a giant f*ckoff axe?

Figma Leonmitchelli Galette de Rois can be found at the links below along with other figures in the Figma range.

“You know you’re not a real cat, right?”

“What do you mean, ‘not a real cat’?”

“You take that back!”

“En Garde!”


An opening!

A swift attack!

“Now who’s not a real cat?”

“Time to get serious.”

“And I mean ‘serious’.”

“Wait wait! I’m not ready!”

A crushing blow!

“Impressive that you’re still standing after a direct hit. but you know…”

“…this is what happens when my opponents get defeated.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this beforehand?!”

Figma Zero Suit Samus – Review


Admittedly, I was pretty excited for this figure when it was announced. Samus’ other suit that appears in Metroid: Other M has been given the Figma treatment, and now it’s time for the Zero Suit to have a turn. Zero Suit Samus has been a fan favourite for quite a while now and to finally have a decent representation of the character (that’s not a statue) is a good thing indeed. Does she live up to the hype though… Let’s find out shall we?

Zero Suit Samus

Gun in hand.

First Impressions:

Samus’ Zero Suit consists of a full-body, skin-tight suit with different shades of metallic blue. There are some details and features that define the suit, and the only thing that stands out is the holster on her right leg. For such a small scale, Samus’ face is pretty well sculpted and her expressions are fairly subdued compared to what other figmas have. It’s a pretty good representation of the character.

Stand back, citizen!

I said stand back!


Samus’ Gear

Bundled in with Samus, you also get the usual array of interchangeable hands. Left and right closed fists, splayed hands, and weapon/handle holding hands. Also included is a gun-holding hand, a “thumbs up” right hand, and a slightly curved left hand that looks like it’s only been included to hold on to the helmet that comes with the package. She comes with 2 faces – serious/neutral and a smiling face, and she also comes with a second head that has short hair to represent her younger self, whereas she usually wears her hair long and in a pony-tail.

Back Shot












The handgun that’s included doesn’t fit into the holster on her leg, instead you get a dummy grip that plugs into the holster. The helmet (that once belonged to her commanding officer, Adam) is a bit of an odd accessory to me. It’s just kind of “there”. It would have been nice if there was a hole for a Figma joint to be applied to the helmet so it looks like it’s being worn (by Samus or even another figure). A little Metroid accessory would have been excellent, but instead we get an empty helmet. Also, as standard, you get the articulated display stand, a spare wrist joint, a small folded sheet of instructions, and a snap-lock bag to store everything in.

What do you think? Is it me?

I do like Samus’ short hair though. It gives me a Deunan Knute (from the Appleseed series) vibe.


E-Swat’s Covert Ops

Come on Max Factory, where are our Deunan and Briareos figures?!


Due the skin-tight and minimalist nature of the suit, she has quite a bit of movement on display here. The pony-tail has a ball joint and is able to wiggle around a bit. Her neck is able to rotate fully, but only has a slight tilt left and right. She can look down okay but can’t look up fully due to her hair sculpt. Her shoulders move fairly freely and in a new twist, are able to be pulled out slightly to allow for more movement. Elbows can bend beyond 90 degrees and there’s a good range of movement in the wrists. Her upper torso can rotate and tilt to a good degree but there’s no articulation at the waist, most likely to maintain her overall shape.

Bring it!

Target acquired.

Her hips have a decent range of movement but it can be limited due to the sculpt. Much like the shoulders, the hips can be pulled down a bit to give a little more movement to the hips, but then it sort of creates a disjointed effect to her hip area. Her knees can bend past 90 degrees and her ankles can rotate and tilt up and down fairly well but not a lot of left and right tilt, so posing can be tricky. Her joints are sturdy enough for her to hold some dynamic poses, but with only 2 faces you may have to use your imagination in some cases.


The Skin-Tight Squad welcomes a new member

Zero Suit Samus has turned out to be quite a solid figure in its own right, with the only letdown being a noticeable lack (or questionable inclusion?) of some accessories. In saying that though, having such a minimalist design to the character means that you can add your own accessories and create some pretty interesting scenarios. Even more fun if you also have her Varia Suit. Fans will no doubt enjoy Zero Suit Samus but casual collectors may be inclined to give her a pass.

Zero Suit Samus can be found at the links above along with other figures in the Figma range.


Figma Motoko Kusanagi (Double Feature!) – Review

Now that the internet is buzzing with news of the live action Ghost in the Shell movie, I think it’s time to review a figure of everyone’s favourite anime cyborg – Motoko Kusanagi.  This time around we’ll be having another double feature where I’ll be reviewing 2 versions of the Major.  Both coming from the Figma stable, we have Motoko as she appears in the anime series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, and Ghost in the Shell Arise.  Although each figure represents the Major, they each have their own style.

First Impressions:

Motoko Kusanagi - Arise version.
Motoko Kusanagi – Arise version.

Arise Motoko comes to us in a mostly all black, skin-tight, special ops outfit which is broken up with various seams and other details.  There is a dark grey section that covers her arms and shoulders that is reminiscent of the jacket that the wears sometime later.  Her hair comes in a deep blue finish and the face is a bit different from the one that most of us will be familiar with.  The customary com ports that she has on the back of her neck are also present here.  This particular version is an earlier model of Motoko since the events that take place in Arise happen before the Ghost in the Shell movie that came out in 1995 (which has been given an updated remake in 2015).  She’s sporting a holster on her hip in which her sidearm can be placed which is a nice touch.

Stand Back
Stand Back


Stand Alone Motoko appears in a light blue outfit and it appears that she’s elected to put on some pants this time around.  Her initial outing in the Stand Alone Complex series has her getting around in pretty much just a body suit, tights, a jacket and boots (when she’s not in her tactical gear that is).  It also appears that her jacket had to be modified to allow for her “enhancements” in the chest area.  Stand Alone Motoko has more alike with the movie Motoko, only more anime styled. She also appears to be slightly taller and a little bit bigger than Arise Motoko.  Her “jacket” has slits near the shoulder joints to allow it to flex a bit when you lift her arms.  Be careful not to leave her arms lifted for too long or the plastic will keep its position.

Motoko Kusanagi - Stand Alone version
Motoko Kusanagi – Stand Alone version

Stand Back
Stand Back



Both Motokos come with the usual figma standards – display base, snap lock bag. And each has the usual array of interchangeable hands – left and right splayed hands, closed fists, and weapon holding hands.  In addition, they each have hands designed to hold their own sub-machine guns (Stand Alone Motoko’s sub-machine gun comes with a removable silencer), and they each have their own handgun.

Motoko's Gear
Motoko’s Gear

Stand Alone Motoko comes with two hair pieces – one straight and one to show a wind-swept look, and three faces – neutral/smiling, serious, and shouting.  Oddly enough, she comes with two different chest pieces.  I can see why they would include such a thing, but it just strikes me as odd that they would bother to go to that length for “that” specific detail (really, Max Factory…).

Motoko's Gear
Motoko’s Gear

Arise Motoko comes with three hair pieces – one plain and two with visors attached – one to show it being worn over the eyes and one to show it above the eyes.  She also comes with three faces – neutral/smiling, serious and “extra” serious.  Both figures also come with a spare wrist joint.  Something that I think all the newer figmas come with.

Mission Complete
Mission Complete


Arise Motoko’s head has a good range of movement.  She can look up and down as well as manage a decent left and right tilt, and turning is not an issue.  The shoulders move pretty freely and the joints are solid enough to hold poses well.  There’s a ball joint in the upper chest and the waist which allows for some nice twisting and tilting.  Her left hip moves freely, but the right hip is hindered by the holster.  It seems likely that the strap could be easily broken if it becomes over-extended.  The knees and ankles move well enough and are also solid enough to hold poses well.  It can be a bit tricky to balance Arise Motoko due to her “tactical heels”, but not impossible.

Ready for fisticuffs…

…or kung fu style

Target Engaged
Target Engaged

Stand Alone Motoko’s head can look down a bit, but can’t look up very far, if at all, and can only manage a slight left and right tilt.  Turning is also not an issue.  The slits in the jacket allow the shoulders to move more freely without breaking up the overall shape.  The ball joints in the upper chest and waist also allow for a decent twisting and tilting motion.  There are no holsters or straps on Stand Alone Motoko’s hips so she’s able to move her legs around to a good degree.  Both figures are quite poseable in their own right and it’s not too difficult to get them into some dynamic poses/scenarios.

Ready for fisticuffs…

…or kung fu style

Target Engaged
Target Engaged


It’s a shame that there isn’t a Figma Motoko from the original Ghost in the Shell movie.  Maybe they might consider making one when the new live action movie gets closer to its release date.  At any rate, these two figures make a worthy addition to the collection.  Arise Motoko offers a glimpse into her past whereas Stand Alone Motoko offers us a glimpse into her future in regards to the original movie.  It’s interesting to see the same character presented in two quite different bodies.

Stand By

Stand By

I can't see a thing with the blast shield down...
I can’t see a thing with the blast shield down…

375mL Drink can for scale
375mL Drink can for scale

Arise Motoko and Stand Alone Motoko can be found at the links below along with other figures in the Figma range.



It’s time for After Hours Tachikoma Battles! Mikasa Ackerman stands in as referee

And…. fight! (Arise Motoko quietly confident)

A lucky shot staggers the challenger!

The champion capitalises!

We have a winner!

Stand Alone Motoko is not always a gracious winner… (and Arise Motoko hates to lose)

Figma Shizuo Heiwajima – Review

Next up we have Figma Shizuo Heiwajima as he appears in the anime series Durarara x2.  Shizuo first appears in the first installment of Durarara and it’s quickly established that he’s the most dangerous man in Ikebukuro.  It’s not too long before he shows off his habit of throwing vending machines at whoever happens to be putting him in a bad mood.  It turns out that he actually hates violence, but sometimes his emotions (and adrenaline) get the better of him.

Shizuo Heiwajima, takin a break.
Shizuo Heiwajima, takin a break.

The anime Durarara centres around a district in Tokyo by the name of Ikebukuro and some of its more colourful inhabitants.  Mikado Ryuugamine has always longed for the excitement of the city life, and an invitation from a childhood friend convinces him to move to Tokyo.  Not long after his arrival he encounters characters that he never would have thought possible, from the super-humanly strong Shizuo Heiwajima to the mysterious Black Rider who rides a black motorcycle and wears an all black riding outfit.  It’s not just the people that Mikado meets in his new town that piques his interest.  He soon learns from his friend Masaomi that gangs are operating within the district.  The Dollars and the Yellow Flags seem to be the more dominant ones and it seems that Masaomi knows more about them than he’s letting on.  From there the story twists and turns as the different groups of characters go about their daily lives and their paths cross in interesting ways.

First Impressions

He looks very tidy in his bartender’s uniform.  He has quite the slender figure, offset with his scruffy hair.  Shizuo is not quite the happiest of chaps so his alternate faces are a testament to his badassery.  His vest is made of a softer plastic so as not to hinder articulation in some areas.  The figure itself has the usual figma polish – the lines are nice and clean, and the paint apps are spot on.  Most of the individual pieces are moulded in coloured plastic so there’s not a lot of paint apps on show here except for the alternate faces.  All in all, it’s a pretty good representation of the character.  Especially since figmas seem to excel in the anime figure department.

On the phone
On the phone

How did you get this nuimber?!!
How did you get this number?!!


Shizuo has a penchant for extreme outbursts of strength so it’s fitting that he comes with a street sign that appears to be freshly ripped out of the ground.  Included in the package are a spare forearm and a spare hip piece to represent a “hand in pocket” pose.  There is a hair piece that has his sunglasses attached and he comes with 3 cigarettes.  The hands in the set include left and right closed fists, item holding hands, splayed hands, open hands with holes to attach a cigarette, and a right hand holding a mobile phone.

Shizuo's Gear
Shizuo’s Gear

The three faces in the package are his default serious face, an angry face, and a nasty smirk.  The nasty smirk would probably be the closest thing that we’ll get to a smiling/happy face from Shizuo.  Also included is the usual articulated stand, a spare wrist joint, an instruction sheet, and a snap-lock bag to store everything in.


Shizuo’s slender build helps with articulation in most areas, but he’s not without a few issues.  His head can’t tilt back very far, if at all,  due to his hair (short as it is), but it can tilt down okay.  It can turn left and right all the way around and can only manage a slight tilt left and right.  The arms can lift to about 90 degrees at the shoulders, and they can rotate all the way around.  He has a decent bend at the elbows which can allow him to touch his nose or do a “glasses push” pose.

Glasses push

The waist and hips have a good range of movement.  He can just about do the splits but can only lift his legs to the front and back to just under 90 degrees.  The knees also can only bend just past 90 degrees.  The joint in the ankles can allow for turning and tilting movement and there is a hinge at the toes of his shoes.  It wouldn’t be too difficult to get him into some more dynamic poses.

High kick
High kick

Bartender style martial arts
Bartender style martial arts

Street sign, freshly plucked.
Street sign, freshly plucked.

You want some of this?!
You want some of this?!


Figma Shizuo Heiwajima is a definite purchase for fans of the Durarara series.  The series itself is also worth watching, especially for those who like to see different character arcs cross over and interact with one another.  For me, the series felt like it was a slow build but by the end of the series it turns into quite a roller coaster ride.  Along the way we learn a lot about the each of the characters in the story, and the three “main” characters face their own challenges and undergo their own changes.  I’m really excited for the Celty figma that has been announced – but I’m not sure if there’s been any mention of her bike being made.  If Racing Miku can have a bike, then so can Celty!  In the meantime, I’ll need to look into figma Izaya Orihara so that Shizuo has a target to focus his rage at.

Bartender and Maid - together at last!
Bartender and Maid – together at last!

Figma Shizuo can be found at the link below along with other figures in the figma range.

Hospitality Showdown
It’s time for the Hospitality Showdown!

Shizuo moves first
Shizuo moves first

Follows up with a kick
Follows up with a kick

Gets countered
Gets countered

And receives a solid punch from Ryomou
And receives a mighty punch from Ryomou

"Is that all you got?"
“Is that all you got?”

"Now it's my turn!"
“Now it’s my turn!”

"Get back here!"
“Get back here!”

Half time at the ol' Drink Can
Half time at the ol’ Drink Can

Figma Kirito and Asuna (Sword Art Online) – Review

Coming up now, we have a double feature starring Figma Kirito and Asuna from the anime series Sword Art Online.  I figured it would be easier to do a combined review of the two since they are from the same show and it would save me from repeating myself too much.  Also, don’t they make a lovely couple? 😀

First Impressions:


Starting with Kirito, he’s decked out in all black gear (which gets him the nickname “Black Swordsman”).  His black coat makes up much of his shape and is broken up with various lines and grey buckles. The bottom of his coat is split in two pieces which are jointed at the waist area.  He looks like a bit of a scruff compared to…


The lovely Asuna who looks elegant in her mostly white outfit with red trim and skirt.  A stark contrast to Kirito’s all black motif. Asuna’s dress is similar to Kirito’s in that it is also split in two with joints, however, the joints sit a bit lower on the hips.  She carries a certain air of regality about her.


Asuna comes with 3 interchangeable faces – neutral/happy,  serious,  and grumpy.  She comes with 2 swords – Lambent Light and Silveric Rapier,  each with its own sheath), but only one can be equipped on her left hip at a time.  An assortment of interchangeable hands are included – left and right open hands,  left and right closed fists,  left and right splayed hands, and left and right weapon holding hands with different holding angles.  She also comes with an effect part for her sword to represent a series of rapid thrusts – typical for her choice of weapon which earned her the nickname of “The Flash”.

Asuna's Gear
Asuna’s Gear

Kirito also comes with 3 interchangeable faces – neutral/happy, shouting, and a worried/lazy face (to compliment Asuna’s grumpy face).  He comes with 2 swords (Elucidator and Dark Repulser), each with their own sheath and both of these are able to be worn on his back with a special attachment.  A set of interchangeable hands are included which contain left and right closed fists, left and right splayed hands, and left and right weapon holding hands with different holding angles.  Kirito has single and double sheath holding attachments so he can wear one or both of his swords on his back.  Also included are 2 effect parts to represent a slashing motion from his swords.

Kirito's Gear
Kirito’s Gear

Both figures also have a flexible, clear plastic stand and a snap-lock bag to store all their accessories in.


Both figures offer about the same range of movement overall.  Kirito’s head movement is hindered by his hair so he can’t look up too well (if at all).  Asuna’s head however, despite having a lot more hair to contend with, actually moves a lot better that Kirito’s due to having a softer plastic and an extra joint at the back to move the hair out of the way if need be.  Both can turn their heads left and right to a good degree and have a good left and right tilt, but again Asuna edges out Kirito in these departments.

Crossed Swords
Crossed Swords

Double Slash
Double Slash

Arms move freely but I’m afraid to lift Asuna’s too high due to the straps that drape over her shoulders.  I’m worried that the straps might break if stressed too much, even if they are a flexible plastic.  Both figures have a joint in the chest area to allow for body twists and have flexible plastic around the hips to allow the legs to move more freely.  They can pretty much do the splits, and are able to sit down, even though you wouldn’t think so given the amount of plastic back there.  You do sort of have to “cheat” and have the coat/dress trailing out the back though.



Both are able to pull off some pretty nice poses, dynamic or otherwise and it’s a lot of fun to pair these two together.

375 mL Drink Can for Scale
375 mL Drink Can for Scale


Both of these figures would make a worthy purchase, and it’s hard to own just one of them.  I had purchased Kirito first and after seeing pictures of Asuna I realised I had to get her as well (that grumpy face was too much to pass up 😀 ).  They can be found at the links below along with other figures in the figma line.  Also worth mentioning is the release of other figures from Sword Art Online now that season 2 is out there.

Piercing Thrust
Piercing Thrust

Low Stance
Low Stance

Dual Wielding
Dual Wielding

"Why aren't you training?"
“Why aren’t you training?”

"Get up and train, damn you!"
“Get up and train, damn you!”

Figma Link (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) – Review

Here we have my review for Figma Link as he appears in the game The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  Having never really played any of the Legend of Zelda games (Blasphemy, I know!) it allows me to review Link with an unbiased view.  I can take this figure at face value and not be affected by any sort of nostalgia.  So on with the show!

First Impressions:

Again, having never really played any Zelda games I can’t really gauge how accurate it is to the source material, but I’ve seen and heard enough about the Zelda games to know that this is most definitely Link.  He doesn’t have an overly intricate or detailed design which is good to see.  The plain green tunic and cap provide a nice backdrop for his more detailed items, namely the Master Sword and his Hylian Shield.  He’s not an overly large figure and it would seem that he scales well with other Nintendo figmas such as Samus Aran from the Metroid series and Pit from the Kid Icarus series.

Link at the Ready
Link at the Ready

Looking for Adventure
Looking for Adventure


Starting from the top, his head can turn left and right to a decent degree and the back of his cap has a swivel so it makes it easier to turn his head while he has his sword’s sheath equipped to his back.  Up and down movement can also be hindered by the sheath but it’s mostly his hair at the back that gets in the way.  He’s also only able to manage a slight left and right tilt.

Arms offer a good range of movement and he’s able to turn and bend at his upper torso since there’s no joint in the waist area.  There’s a reasonably good range at the hips due to the bottom of his tunic being made from a softer plastic so it bends and flexes more freely.  The knees work well and the joints at the ankle and toes help to create added flexibility with posing.  It’s not difficult to get Link into some pretty good poses – dynamic or otherwise.

Stand Guard
Stand Guard

Defend Yourself
Defend Yourself

Take That!
Take That!


Link comes with his trusty sword and shield combo, 2 interchangeable faces (neutral and shouting), and a “slashing” effect part for his sword.  He also comes with an assortment of interchangeable hands including left and right open hands, left and right closed fists, left and right splayed hands and left and right hands for holding his sword and shield.  Also included is an extra front hair piece for action poses or for that wind-swept look.  The Master Sword is nicely detailed and has a metallic finish to the blade.  The Hylian Shield is also nicely detailed and offers metallic accents and has the added bonus of being able to store the sheath and be equipped to his left or right arm.  Purists will prefer to equip the sword on the left and the shield on the right, but others (or noobs like me) have the option to equip them the other way around.  The sheath features some nice detail as well and easily stores the Master Sword.

Also included is the customary clear plastic stand and a snap-lock bag to store all the accessories in.

Link's Gear
Link’s Gear


As with Figma Samus Aran, fans of the series should pick up their very own Figma Link because in my opinion this is the best representation of the character so far.  I may not know much about The Legend of Zelda, but I do know that this is a quality figure that comes with the usual figma flair and polish.  He doesn’t come with a lot of accessories apart from his normal combo which is a bit of a shame.  However, with his sword and shield at the ready he’s able to do battle with the forces of evil (or a decent Ganon figure if you have one).

Figma Link can be found at the link below as well as many other figures in the figma range.

I Have the Power!
I Have the Power!

375 mL Drink Can for Scale
375 mL Drink Can for Scale

"Can I borrow that?"
“Can I borrow that?”

"Am I doing it right?"
“Am I doing it right?”

(*Note*  In order for Samus to hold Link’s sword, it had to be modified.  The sword’s grip was meant to be removable in some way to allow for easier interchanging between hands.  Mine had been glued together so I had to modify it myself.  It is not something I would recommend anyone do unless they knew what they were doing and had the proper tools available.)

Figma Samus Aran – Review

Coming up next is my review for Figma Samus Aran.

From the Wiki:  “Samus Aran is the protagonist of the Metroid science fiction action-adventure game series by Nintendo. She was introduced in the 1986 video game Metroid.

Samus Aran is an ex-soldier of the Galactic Federation who turned into a Galactic bounty hunter, usually fitted with a powered exoskeleton with weapons that include directed-energy weapons and missiles. Throughout the series, she executes missions given to her by the Galactic Federation while hunting the antagonistic Space Pirates and their leader Ridley along with the parasitic energy-draining organisms called Metroids.

Samus has appeared in every Metroid video game and has also been featured in media outside of the series, including the comic book version of Captain N: The Game Master and the Super Smash Bros. series. She is well known as one of the earliest female protagonists in video game history and has remained a popular character over a quarter-century after her first appearance.”

The particular suit that she’s sporting here is the Varia Suit design that features in the game Metroid: Other M.  Now on with the review!

First Impressions:                          

The first thing that catches my eye is that the suit makes her a rather large figure – much larger than most female (and male) figures that feature in the figma line.  Some people prefer a flat finish over the metallic finish to her paint job seen here, whereas I don’t mind the metallic finish.  It makes sense to me since it is supposed to me a metal suit after all.  Despite sporting a large metallic suit, she is able to show off quite the feminine figure.  It’s not an overly intricate design, but it has nice clean lines and comes with the usual figma polish.

Here she is.
Here she is.



She has a fairly decent range of motion and is able to recreate some of her more iconic poses.  Her joints are sturdy and are able to hold poses well.  However, you won’t get a whole lot of range of movement from her head due to the helmet sitting so close to her torso.  Left and right movement is drastically hindered and there is very little up and down movement.  There is also very little in the way of a left and right tilt.  The shoulders move well, but care must be taken when posing to minimise the large gap that can appear between the torso and shoulder armour.  Having an extra joint in the feet for toe movement is a nice touch – something that a lot of the more recent figmas seem to be doing now.


Single Shot
Single Shot

Rapid Fire ACCESS
Rapid Fire


She doesn’t come with a large amount of accessories, but what she does come with is quite fitting for her character.  Due to having a gun-arm on her right side, she only comes with hands for her left (naturally).  She comes with an open hand, a closed fist, a splayed out hand, a “thumbs up” hand, and a hand that’s shaped to hold things, like staves/poles and other such items/weapons with a round handle.  She also come with an interchangeable part for her gun-arm to show her missile launcher power-up, and two effect parts for her gun to show single-fire and rapid-fire shots.

Also, most notably, included in the bundle is her iconic Morph Ball mode.  The package also includes the customary figma accessories such as the poseable clear plastic stand and a snap-lock bag to store all her accessories in.  The Morph Ball has a hole in it so that you can attach it to the stand to prevent it from rolling around if you choose to display the ball.  The gun effect parts are cool, but it would have been cooler if they included some sort of missile effect to go with the missile launcher mode of her gun.

Samus' Gear
Samus’ Gear

Missile Launcher Acquired
Missile Launcher Acquired


In my opinion, this is currently the best Samus figure to date.  It’s a very good representation of the character and the accessories included add another level of fun to the figure.  Fans of the series should be sure to pick her up and passers-by should consider having a kick-ass bounty hunter in a powered suit (who happens to be female 😉 ) to add to their ranks.

She can be found at the link below along with other figures in the figma range.


Here we have figma Archer, figma Samus and figma Caro Ru Lushe and a 375mL drink can for scale.
Here we have figma Archer, figma Samus and figma Caro Ru Lushe and a 375mL drink can for scale.

"What a curious object..."
“What a curious object…”

"I think I can hear something..."
“I think I can hear something…”

"Oh my God, it's gonna kill me!!"
“Oh my God, it’s gonna kill me!!”