Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates – Reinhardt


He is a big unit.

Had a bit of a break from reviews, and now I’m back with something a little bit different for the tabletop.  This time around we have Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates – Reinhardt.  From the Overwatch website: “Overwatch is a colorful team-based shooter game starring a diverse cast of powerful heroes. Travel the world, build a team, and contest objectives in exhilarating 6v6 combat.”  While the game features a large cast of characters with varying styles of play, they all fall into the game’s 3 main categories – Tank, Damage, and Support.

“Tank heroes soak damage and shatter fortified positions, like closely grouped enemies and narrow chokepoints. If you’re a tank, you lead the charge.  Damage heroes seek out, engage, and obliterate the enemy with wide-ranging tools, abilities and play styles. Fearsome but fragile, these heroes require backup to survive.  Support heroes empower their allies by healing, shielding, boosting damage, and disabling foes. As a support, you’re the backbone of your team’s survival.”  Reinhardt Wilhelm falls squarely into the Tank category, and it’s easy to see why just from his sheer size.


Reinhardt is a very large figure, compared to most of my other figures, and he also scales well with other figures in the Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates line.  His style is that of a large, somewhat robotic-looking knight comprised of mostly silver and grey with the odd yellow highlight to add a bit of colour.  Sometimes all that silver and grey can blend together and make it difficult to tell what’s what in some situations. The top of his helmet is adorned with some large spikes which are made from a softer grade plastic so as to prevent injury.  The silvery sections that aren’t painted grey have a sort of “swirly” effect to them, which works in Reinhardt’s favour as it adds to the “scuffed up” nature of his armour, due to his role as a melee-type character.

As you would expect, a figure of this size would have a decent amount of weight and in this regard, Reinhardt doesn’t disappoint.  He’s a pretty solid figure and even his hammer feels pretty solid as it should.  The face of the hammer even shows signs of “damage” from repeated use.  His joints feel tight enough to hold most poses although they might feel quite stuck when you first get him out of the package, so use caution when moving any stuck joints for the first time.  All in all, it’s a pretty good representation of the character.  My only real gripe would be the flat, yellow circle in is back where the main thruster is and the yellow blobs of paint in his rocket hammer thrusters. A little bit of extra detail there could have made a lot of difference.


Reinhardt’s gear.

There’s not a lot here in the way of accessories.  He comes packaged with his rocket hammer and barrier field, but there’s no alternate hands here.  Due to the stiff nature of the plastic in his hands, it can be an ordeal trying to jam the grip of the hammer into his hands so that he can hold on to it.  I tried all sorts of things to try and separate the hammer’s head or pommel from the grip to try and open up one end so that I could slide the grip though his hand and re-attach it afterwards, but to no avail. Luckily, the grip on the hammer has quite a stiff plastic to it so it doesn’t get damaged in the process of equipping it by simply forcing it through the opening in his hands.

The barrier field is a big, blue slab of plastic with a sort of honeycomb effect and rounded edges which makes it look like some sort of tray when it’s not in use.  The energy shield can be plugged into the port on his left forearm and the small shield with the lion motif can then be connected to the front of that.  Included in the package are two small discs that can clip on to the edge of the barrier field to help it stay upright if you need it.  I was a bit confused at first as to what they were as there’s no instructions included, but I figured it out eventually.

The barrier field is big enough to provide sufficient cover.


Reinhardt moves surprisingly well for such a large, bulky figure.  Everything feels firm and “ratchety” where it has to be, but there are the limitations that you would expect from all that armour.  It’s a bit hard to tell what joint they’ve got going on in the neck area, but the head can fully rotate and has a slight tilt left and right as well as up and down.  The shoulders have a double pivot system that allows the arms to rotate fully, but they can only raise up about 90 degrees.  The same joint also allows the arms to rotate just above the bicep. 

At the elbows there’s a pivot joint that has a few “clicks” in it to hold its position, and it’s one of the joints that can often be stuck once you get him out of the package.  There’s a joint in the wrists that can allow the hands to rotate fully, and also give the hands some inward and outward motion.  Again, the hand joint can be quite tough to move at first and the peg at the wrist has some flex, but doesn’t look overly sturdy, so use caution if you want to move the hands inward or outward.

In his upper torso the joint gives his chest full rotation, and there’s only minimal tilt in each direction, so it’s hard to tell if it’s actually a ball joint or just some play in the joint itself as it does feel quite loose compared to most of the other joints.  The hips have a ball joint, but movement is severely limited due to his armour.  There’s a double joint in the knees that gives a little extra movement, but it only adds up to about 90 degrees. 

Reinhardt Smash!

I would have really liked some sort of swivel in the upper leg or at the knee to give more flexibility/posing options.  The ankle joint gives enough movement for Reinhardt to plant his feet securely in most poses.  There’s a surprising amount of movement on offer here, but there’s a few little issues that could have improved the overall experience.

The barrier field provides protection for Reinhardt and teammates alike.


Number 8 from Team Overwatch steps up to the plate.

Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates – Reinhardt has turned out to be quite a surprising addition to my collection.  I like that he’s quite a sizeable figure and that he scales well with other figures in the Ultimates line.  It’s good that he can move as much as he does, given his bulky armour, but the somewhat minor issues keep this particular figure from being truly great. 

Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates – Reinhardt can be found at the links below along with other figures in the Hasbro Ultimates line.

OK troops, are there any responses from the latest Overwatch recruitment drive?
Vita Yagami, reporting for duty!
What is this? What can you possibly do with such a puny hammer?!
First this…
…then this…
..then this!
….point taken…

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