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This time around we have something a little different on the tabletop. Coming up next, we have the Zoids: Geno Breaker by way of Revoltech. Courtesy of the Zoids Wiki: Zoids (Japanese ゾイド (zoido)), short for Zoic Androids, is a franchise based around a series of plastic toy models designed and produced by Japanese toy company Tomy (now Takara-Tomy). First released in 1982, the models resemble a range of creatures including mammals, dinosaurs, and insects. The majority are in 1:72 scale with a wind-up or battery-powered motor to power moveable features, and feature snap-together construction and precolored parts. The original line of toys was released in Japan, Europe, and the United States in the 1980s.

Geno Breaker base model

The Geno Breaker (EZ-034) is a Tyrannosaurus-Type Zoid, and one of over 200 species of fictional biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY’s Zoids model, toy, and media franchise. Based on the Geno Saurer, the Geno Breaker was first released in 2000, and the Zoid plays a significant role in both the Battle Story and the Zoids: Guardian Force anime.


First Impressions:

It does come in quite a large box and some assembly is required, but once completed it comes out to be quite a large figure – a bit larger (and longer) than most Revoltechs. The Geno Breaker is quite literally armed to the teeth. It seems like everywhere you look around its body you can find some sort of armament. The colour scheme consists of plenty of red and black, broken up with metallic silver and grey highlights . It feels a bit heavy, and the clicky/ratchety nature of the Revo joints mean that it can hold a pose, but since there’s a fair bit of give between clicks it makes it feel kind of floppy. The Revoltech Geno Breaker might not be as detailed as a model kit but it’s still a pretty good representation of the character.

Attack Mode


Apart from the standard weapons, also included in the package is a pair of Revo-pliers (to help with moving and removing Revo joints), 2 Revo coins/chips, a little storage box, and a rod that attaches between the forearm and a claw to mimic the claw being launched from the forearm. There’s nothing really interchangeable here. Everything attaches where it’s supposed to and I’m not sure how compatible the equipment is with other Revoltech Zoids figures – apart from the things that are attached with Revo joints that is.

Geno Breaker’s Gear


Now here’s where it gets interesting. Although the Geno Breaker is a bipedal figure it has the standard ranges of movement that you would expect. The head can rotate well and has a decent tilt left and right as well as being able to look up and down pretty well. The jaw can open and close and inside the mouth you’ll find a small particle cannon muzzle that can be moved around and adjusted. It’s a bit odd that the horn doesn’t swing into a forward position as it’s sometimes depicted. It’s an easy enough joint to do, it could have even been a simple hinge/swivel joint, it’s just disappointing that it wasn’t included. It doesn’t harm the overall figure itself, but it would have been nice considering all the other added features present here.

Loaded up and ready for battle

There’s small Revo joints at the shoulders and elbows that allow for a good range of movement and the claws can open and close. The wrists peg in to the forearms for easy removal to add the faux “cable” to show the claws being launched. The larger Revo joints in the waist and hips offer added stability and provide plenty of movement. The knees and ankles also have the larger joints and it’s here that the “clickyness” of the Revo joint may prove to be annoying when trying to get the legs into the “right” position. The large feet make standing easy and there are “stabilizers” that can fold down at the heels. The calves have panels that can open up to reveal more details behind the legs which is also a nice touch.

The large blades can stow away nicely behind the shields

The tail is pretty interesting in itself. The segments are connected by Revo joints and each segment also has additional joints for the “vents” to open, to mimic the effect of a charged particle beam attack being fired from the mouth.

Charged particle laser ready to fire

The “backpack” holds two very large pincers/claws and also a booster. The vents from the booster can lift up and down and the claws are mounted on two long arms that can move about pretty freely. The “clicky/ratchety” nature of the Revo joints is really useful here as it helps to keep the arms where you want them. The claw blades have a nice, sturdy swivel and are finished in a nice metallic silver. When not in use they can swing back around and be stored under the big red shields.

Shields up
Blades out, ready to pounce
Or you can have a combination of both


The Zoids: Geno Breaker by Revoltech has been a welcome addition to my collection. I missed out on Zoids the first time around and it’s good to see action figure versions of popular Zoids being made. There are also non-motorized model kits available that sacrifice motorization for greater poseability.

The Revoltech Zoids: Geno Breaker can be found at the links below along with other figures in the Revoltech range.  You can also find more Zoids figures and model kits here.

Orichalcum is hunting a very dangerous prey
The Geno Breaker senses danger
Uh oh…
Orichalcum narrowly avoids a devastating attack
No choice but to try and create some distance
An ally enters the fray
Yes! Reinforcements!
We might have a chance if we join forces
To be continued…

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