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Oh yes.   Coming up this week is the Merc With a Mouth.  The one and only Marvel Comic’s Deadpool!  I must admit I was pretty excited when I found out that he would be getting the Revoltech treatment.  There have been quite a few Deadpool figures made, with varying degrees of quality, and this may be one of the best so far (keep an eye out for the Play Arts Kai variant version though for something a little bit different).



Box Front
Box Back
Box Back
Box front/left
Box front/left
Box front/right
Box front/right

The figure itself features a nice, clean sculpt and feels quite solid.  His outfit comprises of mainly black and red with the occasional green belt or strap to hold weapons and pouches (sooo many pouches…)  It’s a pretty good representation of the character and he has the pointy hood, for those interested in that sort of detail.  The box art has that comic book feel and there are speech bubbles that you can cut out.  The figure itself has been sculpted by Yamaguchi Katsuhisa, who I feel has lent his sculpting and design talents to other Revoltech figures as well.  The pictures on the box show Deadpool in lots of different action poses so it’s pretty apparent where that Yamaguchi style comes into play.

2 guns! Twice as many bullets!
2 guns! Twice as many bullets!
He slices, he dices!
He slices, he dices!


Deadpool comes with his standard dual katanas and dual handguns.  There are also interchangeable eye pieces and a spare head with a downturned mouth to create various expressions.  There’s also a little tool to help with exchanging the eye pieces. The interchangeable hands that are included in the package are left and right splayed hands, closed fists, weapon holding hands, and “thumbs up” hands.  There’s an effect part that he can stand on for extra stability when posing, as well as an articulated display stand.  He has faux sheathes for his swords in that they don’t really hold his swords at all.  Instead, it’s  just the sword grips that detach when you want to show Deadpool with his swords drawn.  It would have been nice to have that sort of option with his gun holsters as well.  The Revo Mini Snake (in this review) figure had an empty holster accessory so why not Deadpool?  It’s not a deal breaker in any way, but it would have been nice, you know?  It also would have been nice to have some sort of storage bag ala figma to store all the bits and bobs in.

That's right. It's all about me!
That’s right. It’s all about me!


Now that I have him in hand I can definitely say… yep… it’s a Revoltech alright.

That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad figure.  On the contrary, it’s a very good figure.  It’s a very good figure that is extremely poseable and comes with some really fun accessories.  What I do mean is that there are a few characteristics that define Revoltech figures, and (love them or hate them) one of the more contentious features is present here.

Stand back! I got this!
Stand back! I got this!

And that is – the clicky revolver joints that define (plague?) the Revoltech line.  Those clicky joints can make simple posing into a chore.  I’ve often considered replacing all the revolver joints in my Revoltechs for non-clicky ones but alas, I am lazy.

Deadpool can be quite easily distracted...
Deadpool can be quite easily distracted…

The revolver joints in the arms I don’t have issues with (usually) but it’s the joints in the legs that seem to aggravate me the most.  The way the joints click means that they are usually one click too short or too far from where you want them to be.  And when you’re spending a lot of time trying to get a pose “just right”, those clicky joints can ruin the experience and then you just have to settle for “close enough…” (ugh…).

Mixin' it up with a gun/sword combo.
Mixin’ it up with a gun/sword combo.

Enough bitching about the joints, how does he handle?  The joint in his neck allows for some nice turning and tilting forward and back, but not so much in the left and right tilt. He has a revo joint in his upper chest and waist areas which again allows some twisting and tilting back and forward and it takes a bit of effort if you want any left and right tilt. The ball joints in the hips give some nice range, and there is a swivel in the upper thighs.  The revo joints in the knees have a very solid click, as do the joints in the ankles.  It’ll most likely be these joints that you’ll have the most issues with if you want to pose him without his display stand.  The toe joints might help a bit though.  The effect part that’s included will definitely help in making Deadpool stable enough for some dynamic ground-based poses/scenarios.


He’s got something weird going on with his shoulders.  There’s a smaller double revo joint there that while creating some nice movement, creates a disjointed effect at the shoulders.  It really messes with his shape when he has his arms up and then it becomes all about finding the best angle where it’s not so obvious.  It’ll really test your creativity in finding a good pose while still minimising that disjointed effect.

What's the deal... with these weird shoulders?
What’s the deal… with these weird shoulders?


Revoltech Deadpool is a definite must-have for all you Deadpool fans out there.  A lot of the Marvel figures don’t  really capitalise on his comedic side in the way that this figure does.  It’s going to be a lot of fun getting him into all sorts of scenarios and it’s a good excuse for me to expand on his armoury.  Two handguns and two swords is a good start though.  It will be interesting to see if we’ll get more Marvel Revoltech figures now that Deadpool is out there.  Maybe I’ll finally get that kick-ass Cyclops (Jim Lee version) figure that I’ve been looking for for a while now…

Deadpool can be found at the link below along with other figures in the Revoltech range.

Hey Hibiki, guess who's got two thumbs and a big...sword!
Hey Hibiki, guess who’s got two thumbs and a big…sword!
God dammit, Deadpool...
God dammit, Deadpool…
Didn't I tell you not to come back here after what happened last time?!
Didn’t I tell you not to come back after what happened last time?!
Somebody help meee!!
Somebody help meee!!
...they're so cute when they're angry...
…they’re so cute when they’re angry…

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