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Welcome to Tabletop Toy Talk.

I have been collecting toys/action figures/figures for quite a few years now and have decided it was time to give back to the toy collecting community by way of offering my take on the toys I have in my possession, as well as any new arrivals that come my way.

My collection mainly features figures from product lines such as:  (please click a logo to see products in that range)




Occasionally I will be reviewing toys from other manufacturers as well.  It is my goal to provide a site that gives readers an informed discussion about any figures that they might be interested in purchasing in the near future, or maybe even develop a new appreciation about figures they might already own.

I will be providing written articles with plenty of pictures that will be showcasing a toy’s highlights as well as exposing any glaring faults/flaws.

With that said – let’s see what’s on the tabletop shall we?


Important: I will do my best to make sure my reviews are as accurate as possible, but I am only human after all, so some of my words will be based on my own personal experiences with the items in question. So when you are ready to buy a product reviewed on my site please click through to the merchant to make sure you are getting the right product with all the features/accessories advertised.

Disclaimer: This website/blog is not sponsored by any toy manufacturer or company. As an individual, I have developed this site as a helpful guide to toys and related products and write my reviews based on the merit of each item which may be based on other people’s reviews or my own experience of the item or both.

Should I receive sample products from toy companies however, I will offer full disclosure within the review of said item.

My reviews will often contain affiliate links to products which enables me to subsidise this website and blog based on the commission I receive from purchases made via those links.

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